Upcoming Runs and Events

2022 Members Runs

Next Run Sunday June 12th
Saturday July 12th
July 29th to 31st WSMBA National Rally Bishop Auckland
Sunday August 7th
Saturday 3rd September
Sunday 2nd October
October 7 & 8 Donegal Weekend Away



Covid 19 
Even with the relaxation to the Covid 19 rules, we will still be risk assessing all runs prior to them taking place until further notice.

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We are supporting Vision 2020 for 2019/2020. The chosen Charities for Vision 2020 are Medecins sans Frontieres, Simon Communities of Ireland, Simon Community Northern Ireland and the Royal National LifeboatInstitution. Contributions to each of the Charities will be made in funding appropriate projects thereby providing visible legacies for both Freemasons and non masons to reflect on


NABD Northern Ireland was the chosen charity for 2018/19. They believe that when it comes to motorcycling a disability need not be a handicap and they ensure that people with disabilities will always have acess to the freedom and independence of motorcycling.

Widows Sons

For 2017/18 our chosen charity is Brainwaves N.I., this charity is dedicated to providing support and information to all those affected by a brain tumour whether it be the patients themselves, their families, friends and carers.

Widows Sons

We were proud for 2016/17 to support Fibromyalgia Support N. Ireland who support those with FM, their carers, family and friends to provide up to date information on the condition, research protocols and other relevant material, to inform all relevant parties of the difficulties and issues faced by those with FM.

Widows Sons

We were proud in 2015/16 year to have LEUKAEMIA & LYMPHOMA NI as our main charity to support. They are the only charity in Northern Ireland solely dedicated to fighting Blood Cancers. Click on the picture to find out more about this great charity.I was great to be able to hand them a cheque for £1500.

Widows Sons
Widows Sons

Have the privilege of supporting Glasrty Presbyterians tractor run and BBQ night in aid of their buildings fund and supporting Cancer Focus NI, annually each year !

Widows Sons

2014/15's charity was Multiple Sclerosis Society Northern Ireland which we were able to hand a cheque for £1000 this year from the collections made on our members runs.